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The Tielman Brothers


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvC2_nsVJv0]YouTube - The Tielman Brothers - Rollin' Rock (live 1960)[/ame]


Dutch Indo-Rock. Sensational rock 'n' roll show. Live Dutch TV January 1960. With lead-guitarist, singer Andy Tielman, the uncrowned king of Indo-Rock.

Lineup: Andy Tielman (lead gt.), Reggy Tielman (2d lead gt.), Ponthon Tielman †(double bass) and Loulou Tielman †(drums).


Indonesia once was a colony from the Netherlands, leading to mutual influences. When Indonesia finally gained independence many Dutrch-Indonesians (Indo's) came to the Netherlands, which secured the still lasting Indonesian influence on the Dutch culture.

Just as it spiced up our food it also spiced up our music. The 'invention' of rock 'n' roll lead immediately to the invention of 'Indo-rock'. The Tielman Brothers one of the most important, if not the most important, bands of the Netherlands,

shaped rock 'n'roll in the Netherlands, added the necessary sex element through their great and acrobatic shows and left a vast collection of music. (thanks to dardanella:D)


first of all, my sister gave me the youtube link and she said that there was a band before the beatles and she guessed that they were being like a copycat with this band. well, generally people will make some influences to make a good band but doesnt mean we have to be a copycat and i cant believed that they were from indonesia (but they went to netherlands so their genres were dutch indo rock)

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The Timor Rhythm Brothers in Surabaya 1947

l/r: Ponthon, Reggy, Loulou, Jane, Andy Tielman

THE TIMOR RHYTM BROTHERS( Indonesia 1945-1957)

Andy Tielman (guitar, vocals)

Reggy Tielman (banjo,guitar,vocals)

Ponthon Tielman (double bass, guitar, vocals), left in 1956 for Bussum, the Netherlands

Loulou( Herman Lawrence) Tielman (drums, vocals)

Jane (Janette Loraine) Tielman (Vocals)

(Father) Herman Tielman (manager, guitar)

(Mother) Flora Lorine Hess (presentation)

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