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Boss me-50


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People usually say, that it's hard to get The Coldplay sound...that you need expensive gear...here is what i created using just a boss me-50 unit, Fender Mex 50's Strat, and an old and small johnson's amp(10 or 15 watts...i don't know :D ) I know i'm improvising too, but the solo at 3:25 came out great...the sound is great considering that i recorded it with nokia 6120 classic...i know i wouldn't watch it bescause of the description, but i know that some of you will and some of you might find it likeable...hope to get some comments on parts i need to work on :) thanx :) Jānis


Ps. watch the solo at 3:25 :) and don't bragg about gear, cause i've got pedals too :) this was just an experiment(turned out nice)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDmca-8helc]YouTube - Coldplay - Talk cover[/ame]



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