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Alternate track list of A Rush of Blood to the Head?


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Anyone made an alternate track list of A Rush of Blood to the Head? I'm working on one now with some of the b-sides incoporated. I'd love to see Murder and Animals included in there. Oh and I Ran Away, too. The only song I'd take off the album would be God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, but thats pretty difficult.


Anyone made up anything, or know of an original track list?


I know that Clocks was thrown on the album at the very last possible moment, which is ironic, because it won them a grammy, which everyone knows now that the grammys are pure s**t and that rap and pop have taken over everything, and I SWEAR I WILL NOT BE A COLDPLAY FAN ANYMORE IF COLDPLAY BEAT RADIOHEAD IN ONE CATEGORY AT THE GRAMMYS. SERIOUSLY MAN!!!!!!!!!! RADIOHEAD NOT BETTER THAN COLDPLAY!?!?!?!?!?!?




.... anyway.

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