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  1. Did your person also come from France by any chance? My lovely Secret Santa didn't leave their username for me to respond to either, sadly. And its looks like we received similar gifts :D Pics under the spoiler tag Thank you so much Secret Santa! Now come out of hiding so I can thank you properly! <3 ...Also, I hope my person got their card. I sent it almost a month ago now... :(
  2. I got my card today! I didn't have time to open it because I had to get to work, but I did see that it came to me all the way from France. I'll scan some pics either later tonight or tomorrow depending on when I get back to my dorm. :D Thanks Secret Santa!
  3. I'm pretty much in love with this one. Pleasantly surprised as I hadn't listened to any of the new stuff besides ETIAW until watching the Glastonbury performance. Good job, boys.
  4. I think my mind will never get used to confetti during imp and the balloons during lost, I'm too stuck in viva tour state of mind.
  5. I like it more now than I did this morning. I'll take it for what it is and not for what I wanted it to be. It'll work well on my workout play list. Hows that for positivity?
  6. Well...Perez liked it...source "Wow. Wow. Wow. Chris and the boys really hit it out of the park! Not just a homerun but a grand slam! After a bit of a break in between albums, their brand new single is such a powerful, instant, undeniable, huge, global hit. It feels sooooo good on the ears! Check out Coldplay's Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (above). We can't stop listening!!!! Coldplay at its best!!!"
  7. If by "Justin Bieber" you're trying to say that the lyrics, as of now, seem extra poppy and bubblegum then I completely agree with you. We'll just have to wait and see if the music together with lyrics can change that feeling. I'm feeling doubtful, but I hope they prove me wrong.
  8. Why, thank you! Isn't he wonderful? I love your avi as well :D *high-five fellow Starkid/Darren Criss fan* In Coldplay land, wouldn't it be so very fun if they didn't release something until 2012? Then we could make a whole new poll. Or just all give up on waiting...watch it be announced tomorrow...
  9. Blagh. I'm so over waiting for something new from them. Seriously, no matter how little time or how long a time before a single/album was released that they announced something new was coming people will still buy it. I don't get why they need to be all secretive, just announce the damn thing already or give some definitive answer that it won't be coming until the fall. Annoyed fan is annoyed. :|
  10. That would be awesome, thanks :D

  11. Hey =] Not a problem at all. I'm so glad you like them that much. As far as I'm aware they've only got the one EP out which I have-- so I will upload it and send it to you as soon as I can, if that's cool with you?

  12. Hey, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction to hear more songs by Rams' Pocket Radio? I've been listening to the one song you put on your mixtape by them countless times and would love to hear more...thanks again for making my mixtape btw :)

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