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Video Hits AUS: Win a Double Pass to see Coldplay live AND attend Soundcheck Party!


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The wait is almost over - Video Hits and Chugg Entertainment are bringing Coldplay's Viva La Vida Tour to Australia and Video Hits is giving viewers the chance to be there!

Prize Details


One lucky winner and a friend in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth will score themselves a double pass to see Coldplay in concert PLUS access to the Coldplay soundcheck party where you'll get to meet Chris Martin and the band in the flesh!


Video Hits is also super pumped to be able to offer viewers the chance to share in our Coldplay ticket jackpot - 10 runners up in each city will score themselves a double pass Coldplay's show.




(Registration to Video Hits is required to enter but is free)


All you have to do is answer: In 25 words or less tell us why you deserve to see Coldplay live?

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Arr, I have answers for both competitions that I whipped up in 15 minutes :smartass2:


Shouldn't be that hard Annie


EDIT- Your avatar reminds me, very high probability of Chris appearing on Rove again since it returns at the start of February :dance:

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  • 3 weeks later...

well i just won two tickets for the wednesday show BUT without the soundcheck passes...

i was a bit disappointed for a while there...

when i saw ten envelope i was actually expecting the soundcheck passes..


but then again....ME winning a slogan competition??

now THAT's a personal achievement...:laugh3:

i am so bad at it it's nearly impossible to win...

that's why i was so shocked...:P

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ok this is so embarassing..

but since i got through...i'll write it anyway..

but it goes something like this...'because coldplay rocks and i rock too so if i go we'll get to rock the world together.'

something like that...

lame, i know :P

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