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  1. Hey Nancy! I feel so bad for replying 3 months after you sent me the message. December was fine for me, though didn't do much around christmas because I had to start working a bit before that. Didn't get to celebrate new year either! Ah well, work is like that. It's nice to know that you're doing alright :)

  2. Hi Zeya. I hope that you are having a good Christmas time. Here everything is fine - I had a bad cold around Christmas, but it is over now. Weather here is grey and degrees around 3 degrees Celsius. From 1.12 to 15.12 it was a lovely, snowy landscape. Then mild weather. What about you?

  3. Hi Nancy..it's been a while since I've been on here and I just noticed your birthday message to me..that's so sweet of you..Thank you! You're the only one on here who still does that..seeing that I rarely come here anymore. You're just lovely :) How are things over there?

  4. Happy birthday.

  5. Haha I feel the same about the partying and kissing. It feels like a cheap shot of making a video. By far their worst, at least for me.
  6. Thank you :nice:

  7. Thank you very much the ever so lovely Nancy <3

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. I noticed that it is your birthday today. Happy birthday and have a nice day. :dance:

  10. Hey! It's been a long time. How are you?

  11. It's okay Nick, people usually love well-dressed old men.
  12. Weakest in most aspects, definitely. The only good thing that came out of the LP5 era was Moving To Mars, but that was not even in the album. VLV on the other hand, though my least favourite album before MX, has some pretty good songs to compensate the bad ones. That being said, it was still a listenable album as a whole. Just not what I would play over and over again in my playlist. edit: Sorry to interrupt whatever (offtopic :P)stuff you're talking about.
  13. an I have a link to that 2000 interview?
  14. I'm downloading the new album. Can't wait to listen to it. Lungs was pretty much all that I listened to for these past few months.
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