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Chris & Gary Barlow 'Bicker' over Songwriting...


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Gary Barlow and Chris Martin have reportedly been jovially fighting over who is the best songwriter.


The Coldplay frontman and Take That singer have been debating who is the most talented after performing together at a recent War Child charity concert.


"It was all in jest as they've developed a surprisingly strong friendship despite being from very different pop and rock worlds," MusicNews quotes a source as saying.


"Each has racked up plenty of famous songs, but they eventually decided to call it even."


Barlow, who was recently voted the world's greatest songwriter by OnePoll, has written for Charlotte Church, John Barrowman, Delta Goodrem and Geraldine McQueen.


Meanwhile, Chris Martin has penned songs for Jamelia, Embrace and co-wrote Nelly Furtado's 'All Good Things Come To An End'.


Last year, the Coldplay star claimed that his band would happily open for Take That on their tour.



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Chris and his Take That :lol:


hilarious.:D I really can't stand their music but ooooh well. It's funny. Chris would never bicker with anyone about his lyrics since he doesn't like talking about them.And he is so self-deprecating that I'm sure he doesn't even like what he write....which is a shame of course.

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