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An Open Video to Barack Obama Supporters

Matter-Eater Lad

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Rhetorically defeating this is actually quite simple, so it's frustrating to see the Republicans so weak on that front. I think part of the problem is the Republicans actually agree with a lot of what Obama is doing, and have acted in similar ways during the Bush administration. So criticism of Obama's actions sounds silly coming from the GOP.


As the economic crisis begins to have a greater effect on Americans' day-to-day lives, I wonder if Obama will be able to effectively parlay the resulting anger into increasing his political capital the way FDR did. The odds of seeing another World War in the next decade are increasing exponentially.

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Negativity isn't always constructive, but I do agree, he needs a massive push (as does the congress) to truly make the things he says become real. I find it unlikely we will let things slide that far, and it may require more efforts to shore up the financial crisis in Eastern Europe (Germany and France will probably have to come to the rescue), so that the economies in these new democracies don't do a tailspin either, and lead to something worse.

But all-in-all, the pressure's on to restructure CitiGroup & Co., so that there's new management so-to-speak, and a restructuring. Less zombies is a good thing!:dead:

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Thinking and standing up is constructive but before you can do that you must open your eyes and search for the truth. First discover what is real then act upon it, not hide behind lies and false hope that is not constructive.


It's quite clear he does not want change, just more power. His change is more war and more of Bush's policies


Chuck do you not understand the democrats are pissed with him! They want us gone from Iraq completely. He has shown to be Bush 2.0 on steroids.

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