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[Article] Coldplay swap melancholy for a message of optimism


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THERE is an unmistakable thread of optimism running through Coldplay's music.


Even their most melancholy moments tend to be more about hope than strife. That seems to echo the sentiments of the members as they gathered to play the first of two nights at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night.


What's the best part of being in Coldplay? "Every part is great, even the s--- bits," singer Chris Martin chirps, chattering backstage before last night's gig. "Even when everyone is slagging you off."


Bass guitarist Guy Berryman agrees. "If you read something negative sometimes you agree with it and you make the change," he said. "Or if you read something you don't agree with it just makes you angry and you push yourself even further."


The band's 2005 album X&Y attracted some hostile reviews, although that didn't stop it selling millions of copies. "I think it contains some great songs," Martin says. "It's not perfect by any means but if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have done the new one."


The band enlisted producers Brian Eno and Markus Dravs for the new album Viva la Vida. "Brian would say, 'I don't really like this song, go and write something better'," says Martin. "Overnight I'd have to go to work and next day come in with something new. I loved that challenge."



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...well it's true.

You can't just make a bunch of weepy songs and expect people to stay interested, or even be interested as the songwriter in writing them ad naseum. I'm sure Chris Martin has more emotions and songwriting skills than just to write weepy reflective morose songs all the time. I gotta say it was getting pretty tiresome, actually.

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