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Coldplay Collection For Sale or Trade


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I am starting a new thread with pictures!!! :) The old one was to screwed up already!




So I have for sale or trade:


Shiver Australian Version Slim jewel case VERY VERY RARE: cat# 7 2438885112 1 *GONE*


p><p> <img src=



Not even listed on eil.com


Clocks Remixes 12 inch very rare: ONLY 1000 ever produced!!! *GONE*


p><p> <img src=



p><p> <img src=



Very hard to find and a really cool collectable that can only gain value as time goes on.



Special Live Very Very Rare includes 6 live songs only realized in Mexico and Argentina: *GONE*


p><p> <img src=



Very rare and hard to find includes 6 live songs released as a promo in Mexico. Will only gain value as time goes on.



Speed of Sound 10 inch clear very cool the record is see through includes 3 songs: *GONE*


p><p> <img src=




US PROMO VERY HARD TO FIND ESPECIALLY OUTSIDE THE OF THE US. Very cool promo looks like the mince spies promo



In my place 3 song digipack:


p><p> <img src=



Promo released in 2002 hard to find


Japan Only Violet Hill Promo Press Kit CD and DVD history of Coldplay:


<a href=http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/9469/coldplayviolethillplu43.jpg' alt='coldplayviolethillplu43.jpg'>



Really cool press kit. eil.com wants over $100.00 US for this collectable PM and we can work out a trade or a price that is a lot less then that. Mint condition and still sealed with coldplay.com stickers around the sides.


If interested PM me. I have a valid ebay account check me out andrewrozwadowski

If you want one I can list it on ebay as a buy it now and then you can buy it so there are no complications. I accept paypal and money order in the US.


Oh yeah one more thing..... THERE IS FREE SHIPPING IN THE US

Why pay the outrages rates others charge when you can get it from me for nothing. Outside of the US I will charge you what it costs me not a penny more. This is because I am sick of buying stuff from out of the US and them charging 11 Euros to ship a CD or my favorite 17 GBP to ship 2 cds that arrived 2 weeks later.

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Adding To my Doubles: Just found it.


Violet Hill RARE Japanese Promo with History of Coldplay DVD a complete set in a little box with Violet hill Dvd and 4 page booklet in Japanese very rare and very cool.

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Also I just found a copy of the Blue room ep. However its just the disk I can't find the Case. So whoever wants this its just for the music. But it will be ALOT cheaper then any Blue room ep you find on ebay.


<a href=http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/6627/brcd.jpg' alt='brcd.jpg'>


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Nope I don't work at a radio station just started collecting this stuff last year. The reason im selling is because I need to start paying off my loans for college and this stuff has a lot of value but will only gain value as time goes on. I have 1 CD called mince spices that is limited to 1000 copies I could get $500.00 + US for it right now so this stuff is an investment. I am working on a list of every single release coldplay ever put out up to today including promos, records and advance copies. I really put a lot of time and research into it so I am going to post it on here. I know thousands of people are waiting for it and since I put some much time into it I am asking for a $5.00 donation for my college fund. It will be in excel form. Let me know if anyone is interested in a copy. It has the date, name, country, format ect.... I will post more about it later on so let me know. FYI there will be over 200 just singles releases and it will include the albums from every country and every release.

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You have some really awsome stuff!!

I wish I had some money to buy some of these awsome articles...:(

I think your project is awsome!! When you finish the list I would relly like to sse it! Will it also have where you can buy them from?

Where did you buy all you rare stuff? I wish I had a beautiful collection like yours:).

P.S. Just for curiosity...I didn't quite underdstand what dvd is the one with the Viole Hill promo...? I wish I could have these...


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Been collecting from ebay for a while now, Spent A LOT of money on these but I know someday they will be a good return. I also find other sites that sell. I think i may be approaching over 100 now plus the doubles, but Im going to stop now for a bit because I need to pay my loans and sell some of my stuff on ebay. Finding the stuff is really a battle as you spend a lot of time on the computer and ebay. When I am finished with each single, I want to frame my stuff. The voilet hill promo is a promo plus a DVD with the history of coldplay. Really cool promo. If you want 1 I have an extra. Let me know.

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You live in Italy? I heard that there was problems shipping there. You can only ship registered mail to italy. If you pay in euros you could pay 39 Euros. Thats because the euro is much stronger then the dollar and therefore better. So you would really be getting a good deal. Plus the 12.95 US to ship insured and trackable mail. Let me know what you think

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