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Google Giving Away Huge Amounts of Free Music in China


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According to an Associated Press report, Google has teamed up with all four remaining major labels and a few indies to offer a huge amount of music for free download in China: "The advertising-supported service will offer 1.1 million tracks, including the full catalogues of Chinese and Western music for Warner Music Group Corp., EMI Group Ltd., Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music and 14 independent labels, the companies said. It will be limited to use by computers whose Internet protocol, or IP, addresses show they are in mainland China."


For Google and the record labels involved, this represents a massive effort to curb rampant music piracy within the country. According to the Chinese government, the country has 300 million internet users, the AP reports, and these companies want these people to start buying music. So, naturally, they're offering all of their stuff for free.


Google will sell advertising on its download site, Top100.cn, and split revenues with the labels. The AP also reports that the site will adhere to Chinese censorship standards.


So...anyone know how to fake a Chinese IP address?



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