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DrP's V Fest ticker:Comin Live from an Oxford Street Subway


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yesss....tell me

why is it at very gig i go to, the line to push past ALWAYS starts directly behind me!!!?? NEVER FAILS...every single gig...I must have a sign on my back that says "Push Here: he'll move, what's he gonna do about it?? " :angry: :rolleyes:


AND...why do I always get stuck behind some guy with a great big FAT WATEERMELON head????!!!!! :lol:

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:lol: ...fat.......watermelon...head!!!!! :lol:

i get that too and it always seems like everyone else is on stilts :cry:

and when they do the pyramid things and stand on each others shoulders, they always fall on me!!!!!! :rolleyes: :/

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What I hate is when there are taller people in front of you who won the tix or summat, so they're not even thrilled that it's Coldplay, they're just there cos they got free tix...They couldn't care less if it was Britney Spears.."O grave world with such people in it!" Now that' my sheer bad concert luck with Coldplay...but Chris bugged his eyes out at me once cos I was wearing a Make Trade Fair shirt (or at least I'd like to think it was me)!!! Ok so I'm a bit fanatical.


At anyrate I have apps to fill out and my story was proabably not half as exciting as your story Dr. P....So hurry up and get home (and some sleep)!!!!

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