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DrP's V Fest ticker:Comin Live from an Oxford Street Subway


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What's up gang?

OMG do I have a hell of a V Fest story/adventure odyessy, (nightmare??) to share with you all... :stunned:


unfortunately I can't type it all on here right now..i'm in Subway sandwich shop on Oxford Street internet cafe upstairs and it's a pound an hour ...and well...i'm tooooooo knackered to go into it right now...the short of it is that it's now 10:25 the morning after the fest and I have yet to sleep since I crawled away stunned and awestruck from the almighty Coldplay... :D


this story involves Victoria Station late night clubbers and tramps insanity, the serpentine, inept train drivers w/ a wickedly bizarre delivery on the p/a system....and it all starts w/ DrP being the only one in his section of the crowd who knew the words to Your World Turns Upside Down and even Poor Me! and i was right down front on the right side...DrP also got his paparazzi on, zoom lens style baby :cool: so i'll post some pics later on...stayed tuned people :D



the Doc

aka Greg :rolleyes:

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The foos was MENTAL!!!!!!!! I nearly got sucked into that lunatic asylum that passes for a circle pit :stunned:


They RAWKED though :cool:


Aww shame you had to leave early...i had an excellent view , which you could have seen for yourself but oh well.... :/


anyways, my whole trip was like a surreal odysessy..i'll muster up the strength to exorcise the pic demons in a little while, it's quite an amusing little 36 hour sleepless jaunt i had to get back home :stunned:

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heh. my story involves me sitting outside Victoria Station for 4 HOURS :stunned:


then i trapsed round London till 3pm the next day till my bus back here to Suffolk. my train from Chelmsford to London was an hour and a half late..something about something dodgy hanging from the signal wire..i dunno, the conductor was on crack by the sound of his unintentionally hilarious p/a banter: "Ladies and gentlemen, 2 trains have passed by" (i kid you not!) I had a random encounter with a pissed up tramp who first asked me what time it was...then what DAY it was :stunned: Outside Tower Records I had a lovely little chat w/ a woman who was clearly either a begger or just completely gone - she claimed to be 1 quarter Italian yet looked white as snow..then she said her daughter was half chinese..then she asked me for a pound, then she turned around to someone else and went through the exact same lines...LOOPY :stunned:....oh, and I think i saw a man dead in Leicester Square, i think it was from heat exhaustion, the paramedics couldnt revive him..at least I dont think they did, I was way to insomniafied at that point to think clearly....oh I took a nap on a park bench in Hyde Park by the Serpentine...ripped my shoe open during the foos and had to by a new pair later because it kept coming off..


Cp was the saving grace in all the madness

followed by the Foos & Damien Rice :cool:

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