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Coldplay - Talk


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Two weeks ago, I heard the song "TALK" but in different lyrics!! Its like another version of the song. Has anyone heard it before? I'm looking for the song on the web but couldn't find anything. Can anyone get me the song?

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Hey. There are two different version of Talk, the official one which starts: "oh brother I can't, I can't get through. I've been trying hard to reach you cause I dont know what to do"

The other is another version which was recorded during the making of X&Y and was leaked onto the net. It begins: "Under the great north star, I try to work out where you are."

I know it can be downloaded from places like LimeWire, and such. The official version runs for 5:11 whereas the other 4:44. Hope this helps.

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No problem Iluvcoldplay, glad I could help :)

I actually got the other version before the offical one. I really like them both, I think I prefer the start of the other one, but the instrumental bit of the official one is purely awesome.

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