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  1. Travelling from Barbados and will also like to attend this show. Its going to be epic for sure .
  2. Ill be going to this show as well. Flying in from Barbados . NO front row seats for me but Im excited nonetheless. its going to be epic.
  3. Aww I feel you pain but I live in Barbados and usually have to fly out to the UK. This tour I've changed it up and will be going to Seattle and then Vancouver hopefully to see the, . That's costing me about 2000
  4. a big warm welcome to coldplaying
  5. NOt exactly surprised by the news but honestly was hoping that all the buzz and rumors where just mere media meddling. Kinda saddened by this
  6. Now this is some serious eye porn........:P
  7. so psyched about this new album and tour... ^^^^ loving the new graphics as well
  8. Hello my dear, sorry that I am so late in replying . I will not be able to make any coldplay shows at all this year sadly. I am currently working at a law firm on an internship so I will be in my country Barbados for quite a while. Miss chatting with my coldplay friends. Its great to log on though and see a message from you :D

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    WOW what more can I say but this was a long time coming. I can see that his level of immaturity and lack of respect for the feelings and opinions of others finally caught up with him. There is nothing wrong with banter amongst friends, disagreeing with someone even getting angry sometimes to the point where you might say a piece of your mind but he was most of the time downright out of order. I am pleased to say that he wont be missed at least by moi
  10. that I would rather be anywhere else than where i am right now
  11. the stars faded after they appeared like little white shadows sending a hopeful transmission of a message through a whisper and it was such a rush
  12. Jonny's BFF vs getting to work on all upcoming tours
  13. albums xy viva mylo xyloto AROBTTH coldplay live mx shirt coldplay shirt coldplay bracelets xylobands confetti laminated concert tickets framed pics with chris and also the boys
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