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Does Green Eyes have piano in it?


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I have a version of Green Eyes where there is no piano in it (well, if there is its not very noticeable)


I found an instrumental version of Green Eyes and it sounds EXACTLY like it BUT after the 2nd verse there is piano.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrL-cdb4PgY]YouTube - Coldplay - Green Eyes (Instrumental)[/ame]


Does the official release of green eyes have piano in it and did I just get a bad version?

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The album version has piano in it too, but not like the piano in this version... You can hear the piano in the album version pretty well at around 2:35.


edit: wait, after listening to that whole youtube video, I think I take that back... it just sounds kinda different at 1:37 :thinking:

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