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Analysis of Violet hill


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I have a school project analysing a song. Off course I picked a Coldpay song, Violet hill, but I have some problems with analysing it. Which instruments is used, which techniques does Chris use when he sings, how is the song arranged, how is the rhythm affect the song and last, what does the text really mean? I will be happy for every answer. :)

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Well, instrumentation is standard rock with drums and acoustic/electric/bass guitars and piano at the end. Although the intro is probably had some Brian Eno import with keyboards playing a C#minor chord with little wavy effects.


I don't know the right vocal terminology, but his vocals are less clean, or coarser than usual. They're more shouted in the verse to convey the passion in the song. The song is arranged Intro/Verse/Prechorus/Chorus/Verse/Prechorus/Chorus/Bridge/Prechorus/Chorus/coda.


The rythm, particularly in the chorus is a strong driving factor, with agitated 4/4 pounding.


And while you'll get different opinions, I see the song as being predominantly about the unfairness of war, while sort of shilly-shallying between the relationship of a soldier with his country and with say, a girlfriend in the coda. I object to people who say its about any one particular historical event or leader.

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I always thought that in intro Chris is singing with some weird effect just like Phil Collins in the past:)

I remember complaining about that on the firsts listens a year ago, man! I can't believe it's been a year

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