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Artists that I am having trouble deciding...


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Here are a few artists I am having trouble forming opinions about...but I will say that I like them more and more everytime I hear them:


1. John Mayer

2. The Thrills (becoming a new fav.)

3. The Music

4. British Sea Power

5. Ron Sexsmith (I think I only like his stuff cos he and his bassist are really nice...and it kind of makes you feel guilty not to like them).


Anyone got opinions on any of these?

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well i think the thrills are brill and there is no1 about at the moment like them :)

the music i'd have to say are alright but most of their songs sound very alike and they look like a stone roses tribute band :lol: :P

british sea power are good i think but i don't know much of their stuff :)

the other two i don't know well enough to comment on!! :P ;)

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I love John Mayer but he's an either you love him or hate him type. I love him :D But he does get on people's nerves, if you like some of his songs you will like all! He has a new album coming out in September.


As for The Music, they are very good and talented but I do agree with that a lot of their songs sound alike.


Ron Sexsmith doesn't really do it for me. I saw him open for Coldplay and the highlight of his set was when Chris Martin came on stage for the duet of Gold In Them Hills. I find his voice annoying.


And I don't know the others.

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