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Coldplay Blind item?


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recently i heard a story on a podcast (i'm obsessed with music podcasts) about a guy in a band talking about what it was like to open for the Biggest band in the world. but he wouldn't say which band it is... I'm thinking it's Coldplay. He talks about all the celebs at the show.


i'm not a huge Coldplay fan but its been bothering me big time...i really think its coldplay. Any ideas?


Heres the link...its the first story on the podcast. which bands have opened for coldplay...it's totally bothering me! i need to figure this out!!! help anyone? my other guess is rolling stones but i'm not sure. ugh! it's so annoying. need to figure this out...



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well he's not saying bad things, but something about catering and how the 'biggest band in the world' got differnt food then the rest of the crew.. and then I stopped listening, that didn't sound like coldplay to me, and I got seriously annoyed at that point :P

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Yeah, you get the impression Coldplay treat their crew very, very well. Especially as so many of them have been with them for soooo long.


Actually in Fort Lauderdale we were sitting on this bridge over the venue and we could see down into the loading bay and there was a team of chefs cooking all sorts of food for the crew, like a huge, huge spread.

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