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which one do you think its the best?


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i have chatted with ari (ariadnasquire) today and im about considering between 2 things which is *i think its quite hard to choose*the best.


well here, now im in 10th grade high school and i just accepted by the college in seattle which my dad chose that for me and i agreed also. because i think its the path to go to the uni easily. at the middle of the year, i will be grade 11 if im still continuing with my high school now..


the question is, my high school has a dormitory which we can go back to our home once a week (if we lived not really far from the dorm), honestly, i will miss the moments that we've spent together if its only 1 year and quite short time for me, but the education is really worse here, i was kinda like got nothing to do.. the subjects are not arranged and same as another schools, so i was kinda confused about the actual materials that are provided for grade 10.


about the college, well.. i have a desire to go there, and if i choose it, i will live with host family and i must be intelligent with everything wherever the situation is, but im kinda afraid about the society, well yes, im from foreign country and of course, there must be some nervous or frightening moments for a first time. although, when i saw in the brochure and my dad also had told me that the education has big difference between high school, i felt like im doing it right now and im not in high school anymore.. unfortunately, im still considering and confused with these 2 choices... so, i need advices from you guys here, i dont need spams :P*well, drop it if you want to actually*, but i really need your comments or advices here. i would be very appreciated if you have only read this thread. :)


thank you :kiss:

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from what you say it seems to me that college in seatle will be better for you, as education might be better there, as you yourself have said that education in your country is worse.

plus you'll have the chance to be abroad, which is also interesting (i've been in a similar situation as your recently and sure i was a bit frightened at the beginning but it was a great experience for me both educational and personal).

and as you'll be with a family surely they'll help you a lot when you'll need them.

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well i don't know what to add except that i'm agree with everybody in here

so Afi don't worry ;)

it's about your studies so you have to choose which is better for you and as Seatle is your wish so no time to ask and go there :)

it will be a good experience for you :)

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hmm, okay i'll try to figure that out.. but im still confused now actually.. i cant decide by now, and i think these 2 choices are the hardest part to choose in my life (and i'm not joking)


thank you guys for the opinions, really appreciated :D


any other comments? im waiting for you guys :wink:

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its been long time i didnt came to this thread


btw, thanks for the comments from you guys.. finally i'm here.. the place which was out of my mind, somewhere in united states


i hope i can get through to have study a lot and get good grades :)

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I am from the US yes.


wow, which city are you coming from? :)


gopher it. :) if Seattle offers better education, then go there and make the best out of it. Sure there will be differences between the two cultures, but they'll make you more open-minded. ;)


thanks for the advice, i already choose my own decision in seattle :)

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