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Nuclear test carried out in North Yorkshire... announces BBC news presenter in Radio 5 gaffe


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Nuclear test carried out in North Yorkshire... announces BBC news presenter in Radio 5 gaffe


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:20 PM on 29th May 2009




It is better known for its flat caps, whippets and glorious scenery than any sinister plans for world domination.

But listeners to Radio 5 Live were alarmed to hear that the normally peaceful county of North Yorkshire had carried out a series of illegal underground nuclear tests.

Luckily for the panicking residents of neighbouring Lancashire, the terrifying warning was nothing but a slip of the tongue by a newsreader who meant to say North Korea.




article-1189492-05220A8E000005DC-877_468x286.jpg Nuclear superpower? The dales of North Yorkshire are hosting nuclear tests to rival that of North Korea's Kin Jong Il, according to the BBC







The female newsreader, who has not been identified, made the error during the morning news bulletin at the start of a news story discussing the country's recent illegal nuclear tests.


The report began: 'There has been widespread condemnation of North Yorkshire's decision to carry out an underground nuclear test.'

Either unaware of her gaffe, or simply gamely battling on, she continued her report without pause.


'The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, says he is deeply worried,' she sombrely intoned.

Amused, or concerned, listeners immediately called in to let the station know about its mistake.

Famous for its rolling dales and spectacular moors, North Yorkshire is certainly an unlikely destination for a spot of underground nuclear testing.

Independent North Yorkshire county councillor John Blackie, who represents the Upper Dales, joked: 'I am not aware of any nuclear bunkers in the Dales. I do not think there are any at all in the county in fact.'

A spokesman for Five Live said: 'We are aware of the occasional tensions between North and South Yorkshire, but clearly this was a slip of the tongue.


'Some of our listeners did point out the error, but this was a mistake and we have no fears about the good people of North Yorkshire.

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