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HUGE favor concerning free live cd being given out at Buffalo show.......

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I was hoping to go to the Buffalo show tomorrow with this girl who I really like(she LOVES Coldplay and I took her to see them in Detroit in November but we missed the first six songs, including Clocks, which she really wanted to hear).


Because of finances, :( it dosen't look like we may make it, so I was wondering if someone gets an extra copy, is it possible to send it to me if I give you my address ? We could go, but by the time I paidfor everything, I would be close to being broke and that's not good, especially at this time....so I would like to give herthe cd instead if Icould get one....not anywhere near the same as being there, I know, but at least something to give her as I already asked her to go.


Thanks in advance for any serious replies/consideration.

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