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  1. My package from my Secret Santa @iamsue arrived last Friday and here are the pictures finally! She is so awesome! She had Santa ask my favorite colors and my wrist size (lol first time I've ever been asked that!). Sue made me 2 bracelets and a Christmas tree! She's so sweet! One has all the colors from the albums! SO COOL! Thanks Sue!!
  2. I hope they come back to Atlanta! It's been 7+ years!
  3. Aww!!! Do a lot of people go to Hawaii? I'm trying to go to CA for all their dates, but I can't find any good tickets that won't max out my credit card!!
  4. Yeah, it's definitely true about the Dome + new stadium construction. But they've played in Phillips Arena before, so I don't know why they won't come back. Plus there's gotta be other stadiums in the south east other than just Miami. They picked the furthest point away from everyone. :sob::sob::sob:
  5. Also, I have been trying to use #ColdplayAtlanta and tweet at them as much as possible, but nada.
  6. I'm in Atlanta, GA too and I feel your pain!! They used to come here every tour, now nothing. :( Last year I went to Louisville and got a decent flight to Pittsburgh. I volunteered with Oxfam so my ticket was free, but it's still a lot of $$. I really want to get close floor seats and since I'm short, I'd like them to be on the edges so I can see the stage, but in places like Omaha, they're over $1,000!!! So crazy! None of these other US locations are cheap flight worthy from ATL. Maybe Miami, but those prices are super expensive as well, and coming from so far out of town I'd like to have g
  7. I saw someone with the flower of life tattoo on their calf at the Atlanta airport the other day, we were going through security so I didn't want to bug him to ask if it was for Coldplay...but I can only hope :)
  8. I'm having trouble finding it in the Google Play Store...what's it called, or does anyone have a link to it?
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