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Best radio station in Buffalo to hear Coldplay today ?

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sorry to hear about that :\ to be honest with u, i dunno if any radio stations are going to broadcast the show on the internet or on air, unless the band has a deal with a specific station (i.e. i forgot the name of the station, but it was a fairly new british one that broadcasted the concert and interviewed the boys during their Munich show last year)


but u can keep updated in the Buffalo thread! i'm certain other coldplayers will update with pics, videos, etc.! :smiley:

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Thanks for both responses.


I was really looking for a radio station that does internet broadcasting that would play their music today, maybe a tribute before/after the show and give reports surrounding the show...interviews with fans there, interviews with people associated with Coldplay, etc.


Thanks, mc_squared... I sent you a pm.


I did not already purchase tickets so it's not like I got stuck with them.

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