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Politik - live. touching and wonderful.


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Last year i was in berlin on my first Coldplay's show.

Here, you can see lasta 2 minutes of the best [in my opinion] Coldplay's song:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7el6CDRar7g]YouTube - coldplay-politik-awesome last 2mins-live from Berlin 2008[/ame]



Is there anybody out there [who is lost and hurt and lonely too ;P] who can tell me why this song is so so so touching, beautiful and makes me cry in live version ?


Listen and tell me. This is one of the most beautiful song in the whole world!

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I went 2 days without sleep, worked for 4 hours full tilt immediately after driving for 4 hours and sitting in traffic for 3 on top of that. Ate little food, got sun stroke. It was all worth it when Politik was played.


This is their most amazing song. It shows us that we are all human and that we need love over everything else.


Chris' passion makes this song what it is live though.

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