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BNP leader Nick Griffin calls for police to 'get a grip' on protesters


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BNP leader Nick Griffin calls for police to 'get a grip' on protesters


By Graham Gurrin

Last updated at 6:42 PM on 10th June 2009




BNP leader Nick Griffin has called for greater police protection after his second press conference as MEP was targeted by protesters.

He urged police to ‘get a grip’ of demonstrators who forced the party's MEPs to abandon their first earlier joint press conference.

He held today’s meeting at a Manchester pub after being pelted with eggs at yesterday’s aborted effort at Westminster.


article-0-054B6169000005DC-655_468x298.jpg BNP leader Nick Griffin poses for the media with a box of eggs before giving a news conference at the Ace of Diamonds pub in Manchester


He spoke out after being besieged again by about 40 protesters at the Ace of Diamonds pub in Manchester.


article-0-054B46D3000005DC-774_233x406.jpg A protester shouts ahead of the news conference by BNP Leader Nick Griffin at the nearby Ace of Diamonds pub


Mr Griffin, who along with Andrew Brons was elected as an MEP, said: ‘There wasn't a huge police presence. The police let the mob run wild.

‘I think it's very sad that a hostile mob which is partly paid for by taxpayers and backed by Labour and the Conservatives is allowed to get away with mob violence on the streets of Britain in 2009.

‘I've got to go and visit constituents in places like Preston and Andrew Brons has to go to places like Bradford. The police need to get a grip on these people and stop them throwing eggs and bricks.

‘Like us or not, we are a democratic party elected by people who have specific concerns they think we will address properly.’

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that no extra officers had been drafted in for the anticipated demonstration.

A spokesman, who would not say how many officers were involved in the operation, said it was not possible to put a cost on it, as the officers would have been on duty anyway.

Mr Griffin warned: ‘Unless the police and the British political elite get a grip of the public disorder, the consequences could, as I'm sure you are aware, be extremely grave indeed.’







He claimed the party has seen a growth in membership applications and said its call centre received 20,000 phone calls in the first 15 minutes after a BNP party political broadcast was shown on television.



article-0-054B4696000005DC-289_468x331.jpg Though not in any great numbers, Greater Manchester Police were prepared for Nick Griffin's press conference




article-0-054B4BD8000005DC-517_468x286.jpg The protest outside the Ace of Diamonds was not as high-powered as the previous day's at Westminster


Tina Wingfield, BNP membership secretary, said 2,000 people have joined the party in the last six weeks, increasing overall membership by about 25 per cent.

Mrs Wingfield, who is a BNP councillor in Cumbria along with her husband, said: ‘It's an absolutely huge rise in membership.


'We've got a backlog of calls to answer, of which we hope to translate about 20 per cent into new members.’

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