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Coldplay: Limited Edition Tour Pack


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I found this on amazon and mtv.com:


[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Limited-Tour-Pack-Coldplay/dp/B002ACKBXW]Limited Edition Tour Pack[/ame]




# Original Release Date: June 16, 2009

# Number of Discs: 4

# Format: Limited Edition

# Label: Capitol



I didn't hear anything about that...

It's nothing special but I'd be interested to know if there were ads for this in the US?

Also, did anybody already see it and can tell me if it is just the 4 albums with that "AT A GREAT PRICE" being a sheet attached to it or if that really is the cover?

I think it's rather awful. :sick:

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Yes! Meant to mention this the other day. Saw it at Target here. It's just the 4 LPs for something like $28. Didn't appear to have anything extra to it. :(


EDIT: Also, yes, that's the cover. It's literally just the four albums shrink wrapped together. boo.

Edit again :P sorry, Anna, I misunderstood. The "cover" in the pic you posted is just a label attached to it.

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Oh I remember Amazon sending me an email over this... I was initially exciting reading the title 'limited edition tour pack' but when I read the details it wasn't anything special, just the 4 albums together which I reckon most of us already have!


I promptly deleted the email :shame:

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An Australian edition of X&Y was released over here, it was a 'tour edition'. I didn't get it because I already had X&Y but it didn't have live stuff. I think it just had b-sides and vids.


It still had extras, tho.

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