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I'm creating a website and need some help. :)


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Basically I want to creat a fansite for my favorite band and I need some help. Any bit of advice would be nice but I'd appreciate something detailed. I want to have a forum like this one on the site but I have that figured out already. I also want there to be a HUGE gallery with thousands of photos. User accounts and maybe a live chat? I haven't got it all worked out yet so any advice on what I should feature on the site is welcomed.


What is the best site to buy domain? I already have a place in mind but I'd like to hear your opinions? What else do I buy with the domain? And can anyone here help me learn CSS?


Those are just some basic questions, and I feel like a total noob for not knowing the answers. :\ So please be helpful and nice. Thanks. :)

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I can teach you a lot of CSS.


In addition to purchasing a domain name, you need a webhost. Those vary on how big you site is (in memory and bandwidth)


Here is how it goes down:


Memory is the storage place in the webhost's servers. Everything on the site is located on this server.


Bandwidth is how much people download from your site. Whenever you visit a site, you are downloading a file or files. Simply viewing a picture is downloading that picture, but only temporarily. So if you have 1,024 MB of files on your index page, each visit will download 1,024 MB of information temporarily. Trust me though, you won't have a gig of info on your index page.


As far as domain names, you can get a domain name for 10.00 from godaddy, and they have an awesome customer service number, and you get to talk to a real person who is very knowledgeable in this field.


Any more questions, just email me at [email protected]!

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Olivia, this is a nice little CSS tutorial http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/011/firstcss#HTML


dunno how much webcode/html knowledge you have, and dunno if you'll be coding anything by hand or using a WYSIWYG editor but with CSS you need to decide - internal or external. External is global and covers several pages and keps all the style stuff neatly together. Internal specifies style data on the page it'll be used.


How are you getting on with the project..? Made any progress..? :)

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