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Viva la Vida on clarinet


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Clocks? Would be interesting ... Hm, my part on clarinet is only the low "bumm" from the beginning to the end ... nearly the same all the time, but I love it nevertheless.

From where do you have the notes for clocks? Let's see if I can enforce it in school xD

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Hm ... You know, someone of my class has written it. I mean, written for the style of a band like us. We're called "Bläserklasse" in German, so only wind instruments. (I'm not sure if its translatetd right :\ ) So I think a have to ask the wrighter before I post it here. That can take a while because we have summer break and I see him in three weeks. But I can ask him if you want. And that thing with the copyright ... I don't know. :\

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