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Learn Assorted Languages With Assorted Coldplayers


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This thread is for the people, like me, who have been going around in different international threads to learn the language. Eveyone can learn it here.

I guess if you want to teach a language say so and if you want to learn do the same.


The language list :cool: (I

ll update it with anything you guys want changed or added)


Language - Teacher


Arabic - Talor, coldplay.obsessed, ze scientist

Catalan - I will travel to...

Croatian - lndnsky

Czech - freckles

Dutch - Maggy 6146

English - Crests of Daylight

Finnish - Crests of daylight, eglantine

French - Gui-Home42, cha_buckland, ze scientist, Bluejay

German - aniskywalker, .sally., Gautama, Vivalicious

Italian - giulls

Lithuanian - Agna, onute

Malay - rudy_o

Norwegian - Coldplayer94, CPRani

Portuguese - blue_girl, rush, dajofeno, nihcoldplay, rita_texeira

Russian - coldplay.obsessed

Serbian - MK

Slovene - eglantine

Spanish - i'maveryneatMonster.' , Yellow_Hill, Gilda, Space_Invader, ariadnasquire, yellow745


Resquested languages:








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I'll teach portuguese/eu ensinarei português :D maybe we will have 2 teachers for the portuguese/talves tenhamos 2 professoras para o português :D


"talves" , be carefull, because this is not well written :lol: is talveZ with a ZZ not a SS

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:lol: in Malay :p is it same?

Generally it is. :lol:


Malay is good, yes teach me :nice:

What do you wanna know? :uhoh:

who wants to learn English?

Me. :cheesy:

I can teach Arabic. :uhoh2:

Tuffah means apple :P

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