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Short question regarding Coldplays "The Escapist"


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Hi together ;-)


Yesterday evening I was at the Openair concert in Munich/Germany and needless to say, it was fantastic :-)


Anyway, the last song (the escapist) was not quite the one I knew from my CD (last track). There was way more vocal and drums.


So I'm a little confused.

Are there two different versions of this track??


Thanks for any help in advance!

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So for a proper answer:


The final song they played live was Life in Technicolor ii, a longer version of Life in Technicolor with vocals etc. You can find it on the Prospekt's March E.P.

The Escapist is the song that is played after the show, when Coldplay is gone and everybody's leaving. It is the same as on the Viva la Vida album (the hidden song after Death and All His Friends.

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