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The Brian Enos will produce next COLD GAME album, no?

Luka Modric

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[Ogorchenno] in order to bother to this place but to me communication those very immense rumor I must discuss with my comradely COLD GAMERS! :D


You see today I obtain discussion with friend who has much hate for the COLD GAME, and he say to me "Surely even The Brian Enos cannot have made the COLD GAME sound good!" but I put to him "SILENCE BRUTE, you see you have heard this album VIVA MY VIDA? It is so much phenomena!"


But he does said of me "I have heard The Brian Enos will not make production of the next album by this COLD GAME because he does not obtain to get along with MARTIN!" He even say that The Brian Enos kicked Martin out of his studio at single point!


I have very much love for the production of VIVA MY VIDA and think The Brian Enos are very genius! Is there truth to this claim that The Brian Enos and Martin did not foster friendship, and that The Brian Enos cannot produce the next album?

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Martin I had an argument about when the drums arrive inside into the song 'repairing you', and us haven' t had a talk since then. Don't uneasiness t however, I' m certainly we will be talk again soon.


Until that time, has anyone made sure they know this information?

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