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Coldplaying Christmas 2009: Secret Santa - Pm's sent


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A thread in the coldplay section for those of you who don't visite The Lounge



NOV 1st - UPDATE 3


Pm's sent, we have 172 Secret Santas from everywhere! thanks a lot guys and don't forget to send the cards



More info in this thread: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62303



The year I joined to the coldplaying madness I remember there was a secret santa thing, can't remember who created or anything, I just remember I received a lovely christmas card from Brazil


so, I was thinking if we could do this again, a secret santa but with cards/postcards (ok, the postcards are way too old and repeated :P) instead of presents (because of the high shipping costs). Maybe any of you have a better idea and I'd love to hear it :P


it could be nice to know new coldplayers or to send some nice wishes to a coldplaying friend :D


And if you don't celebrate Christmas, it could be just something to celebrate the end of the year, etc :P


well, hope some of you are interested in this, we still have lots of time to organize it

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since almost all the members who signed up for this already sent their pm's, Alison and I decided to move the deadline so you can still send your details but just until this Wednesday, 23:59 London time, because we need some time to add everyone to the list and make pairs

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