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Finding Nemo!!!!


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If you haven't gone out and seen this move yet then it's well worth the 10 dollars (or whatever it costs to go to the cinema in your country) For those of you who don't know... it's the latest "pixar" cartoon (the dudes that did toy story) set in the waters of great barrier reef in australia. It's suited to all ages, it makes you laugh out loud and it moves you to tears and it's generally a top quality "feel good" kinda movie. It's getting five star ratings and I'd recomend it to anyone! I assure you with 99.9% certainty that you'll love it... I've given myself 0.1% in case Adrenn (or whatever his name is) checks out this topic :D


For those of you that have seen it... let me know what you thought! What about those turtles eh? What an absolute classic! :)

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