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'Finally I don't feel like the ugly one in Girls Aloud any more,' reveals Nicola Roberts


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'Finally I don't feel like the ugly one in Girls Aloud any more,' reveals Nicola Roberts



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:32 PM on 06th October 2009



Stepping on to the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards last night, fans would have noticed a very different Nicola Roberts.

Posing alongside her Girls Aloud bandmates Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh - who have both recently signed modelling contracts - Nicola shone with newfound confidence as she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her friends.

While her bandmates played it safe on the red carpet with little black dresses and their usual fake tan, Nicola wasn't afraid to stand out from the crowd with her striking red hair, alabaster complexion and stunning Vivienne Westwood prom dress.



article-1218481-06B6CA21000005DC-54_468x603.jpg Standing shoulder-to-shoulder: Nicola Roberts (centre), pictured at the Pride of Britain Awards last night, isn't afraid to be different from her bandmates Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh


After years of being cruelly labelled 'the ugly one' in Girls Aloud, the 23-year-old is finally feeling confident with her looks and has found her place in the fashion world.

Fast eclipsing bandmate Cheryl in the style stakes, Nicola became a regular fixture in the front row of London Fashion Week and has swapped her high street wardrobe for designer couture.

When Nicola was selected for Girls Aloud on TV show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, she felt out of place next to her tanned, glossy bandmates Cheryl, Kimberley, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle.


Being compared to her bandmates, with their girl-next-door good looks, knocked the then-16-year-old's confidence.


Enlarge article-1218481-06B67DE5000005DC-316_224x438.jpg

Enlarge article-1218481-06B65797000005DC-50_224x438.jpg



Fashionista in the making: Nicola wore a Vivienne Westwood dress



But after years in the business and experimenting with clothes, Nicola has finally built up her self-esteem and realises it's OK to be different.

She tells the new issue of Grazia magazine: 'I was called 'the ugly one'. A lot of girls go through an awful time growing up, thinking they're too fat, too thin, have a nose that's too big or legs too short.







'I did all that surrounded by four of the most gorgeous girls in the country.

'My thing was my white skin and red hair. I hated it and hated myself.'


article-1218481-06B6CA1C000005DC-211_468x587.jpg Bringing sexy back: Nicola has no qualms with revealing a bit of skin


It was only after a journey of self-discovery, which admittedly took several years, that Nicola began to accept her looks.

She said: 'I've begun to accept myself. I love my white skin, I love my hair and fashion has really been part of that journey of acceptance.


The Cheshire redhead admits she has become 'obsessed' with fashion and she has finally found a place she 'fits in' - the fashion world.

After stepping out in a variety of stylish outfits this year, Nicola really came into her own when she appeared in some daring creations at London Fashion Week last month.



article-1218481-06AD6E08000005DC-790_468x441.jpg Taking notes: Nicola sat in the front row alongside Rihanna at the Christian Dior Pret-A-Porter show at Paris Fashion Week on Friday


Hitting back at critics who claim she is a fashion victim, the singer insists her love of style is authentic and she is still 'finding her feet' when it comes to own personal dress sense.

She enthuses: 'I'm just a girl who loves fashion.

'I'm finding my way, finding my style and whatever anyone thinks I'm enjoying myself.

'Everything I wear now, I wear because I absolutely love it. I think I look good in it. I feel confident and I'm having fun.'






From high street to high fashion: Nicola in a vintage jumpsuit at a London Fashion Week party last month (left) and more of a high street look as she leaves a London nightclub in 2004 (right)



Nicola has cited quirky individuals in the fashion industry with making her realise it's good to stand out from the crowd.

She recalled: 'I remember looking round at my first fashion party a year ago and thinking, "Oh my God. This is all about odd people. This is where I fit in."

'The fact I have white skin and red hair is my thing. It's my different thing and in the fashion world, that's OK.'

Addressing recent rumours of her weight loss, Nicola concedes she is slender at a dress size six and weighing 8 and a half stone, but insists thinness runs in the family.


article-1218481-019031540000044D-437_468x419.jpg Trying to fit in: Big hair, tight lycra and fake tan all round as Nicola dresses the same as her bandmates in 2004


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