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  1. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!!! :)

  2. Hey! Always look at your avatar and a smile don't leave my face, you and Damon are so cute)) where did you meet him?)

  3. I'd rather be bored than listen to this mainstream shit. Edit: Very well said dear :heart:
  4. I'm in love with the cover of the Cars they did with Jarvis Cocker! They were really good at Reading :nice:
  5. Damn it, they're coming to France in january but in the middle of the week D: Anyone has already seen them live here? :nice:
  6. Really looking forward to this movie! I've been so obsessed with them lately, even started to play guitar and piano so I could play some songs :} I also bought a few vinyls <3
  7. Here are mines! Vinyls are really beautiful and I love their sound, wish I'd have enough of them to entirely cover my walls :wacky: I have a turntable but it's so old I can't plug it :|
  8. Musical diarrhea. Acoustic record my ass!
  9. I HATE RAVENS.. but this picture is cute :} Oh yes solo album pretty please! I agree about the trailer, this is really interesting! Aaand I'll leave this here for you Liz --> :heart:
  10. :P Haha you don't have to stop if you don't want to....or can't...charming: Yah! I didn't realize you watch it too. I love it. :wacky: Yah, same with me! I pretty much never go into the Lounge anymore, and the Cp section rarely, I mostly talk to people with vms and go to the entertainment section but I don't stay long. Nice! Summer break is the best. I'm on it too, except mine's kind of almost over. D: I start school again on August 24th. Gig speaking? You mean like which concerts have I been to? Well most recently I saw a short Foster the People set in a local record store, but other than that the last gig I went to was Lady Gaga in April. So it's been awhile since I've really seen anything. But that will be made up for in September cause I'm going to ACL music festival. :D How about you?

  11. Thanks hun! Your vid is really cool as well! Love how you can't actually hear Julian xD And I totally agree with what you said about festivals! I'd rather see my favorite bands at their own gigs though :nice: Your vids are so great! The sound is really clear too, especially Julian's voice hehe :} Oh god how can you scream like that? :D I am totally crazy about that little high-pitched "whooo" Julian sings in Gratisfaction after "without big tears in his eyes", this isn't healthy D: Here's my vid of You only live once :3 [ame= ] [/ame] No, this is not me singing :uhoh:
  12. So jealous! You canadian people are too spoilt when it comes to Arcade Fire.. oh wait :wacko: Have fun! And send kisses to Richard for me :charming:
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