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No more happy hour? British holidaymakers to face £7,000 fines under new Spanish booze crackdown!!


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No more happy hour? British holidaymakers to face £7,000 fines under new Spanish booze crackdown



By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 5:41 PM on 15th October 2009




British holidaymakers and stag and hen party revellers will have to curb their drinking or face big fines under a new Spanish crackdown, it was announced today.

The regional government of Catalonia, which includes the city of Barcelona, has banned 'happy hour' drink offers in bars and nightclubs.

Not only is Barcelona one of the most popular destinations for pre-wedding trips for Britons but the area of Catalonia also includes much-visited Costa Brava resorts such as Lloret de Mar.


Enlarge article-1220629-006B0DD800000258-176_468x310.jpg Booze ban: The move is part of a crackdown on British stag and hen parties in Spain (Posed by modesl)


Also, there is now the possibility that the ban could be extended to other parts of Spain. The Catalonia move has been welcomed by Spain's health minister Trinidad Jiminez who said that similar measures would be considered in a new national health bill being prepared.

The Catalonia government is banning two-drinks-for-the-price-of-one offers during certain times and also unlimited drinks after payment of an entrance fee.







It added that offenders could face fines of up to £7,000, with the measure being aimed at curbing excessive drinking among young people.

Sean Tipton, a spokesman for British travel organisation Abta, said today: 'We always encourage our customers to act responsibly when they are on holiday, whichever country they are staying in.

'Spain itself is not known for any problems with excessive drinking by tourists. It's possible that this measure is aimed at young Spaniards rather than visiting tourists.'


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1220629/No-happy-hour-British-holidaymakers-face-large-fines-new-Spanish-booze-crackdown.html#ixzz0U2QNcEML

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