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AHAHAHAHAAHA *msnbc thread*

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lol, sometimes I wonder if Hannity and Olbermann could do a full 180 on their political views if their chosen parties (Republican and Democrat respectively) did the same.


For instance, if the Democrats slowly transitioned into the Republican party over the next year, and the Republicans slowly transitioned into Democrats... would Hannity or Olbermann notice? Probably not. They'd still do their shows, hating each other, and parroting their political party leadership, not even noticing the change that occurred right under their noses.


This is because the parties are virtually identical for all intents and purposes. It's really weird how homogenous American politics is now. Most of it relies on innuendo and fear-mongering:


Democrats claim Republicans are war-freaks (they are, but so are the Democrats).


Republicans claim Democrats are socialists (they are, but so are the Republicans).


And now the FCC (a blatantly unconstitutional agency that has never really been challenged) is going to regulate the internet:




This is because of all the naive geeks who learned about St. Abraham Lincoln and Pope Roosevelt in public school. It makes perfect sense to protect us from the evil ISPs!


I swear to Jesus H. Science, sometimes I know how Goethe would feel if he were trapped in an elevator with Paris Hilton.

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