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Limb mystery "afoot" in B.C. yet again!!


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Another mystery foot washes up on Canadian shoreline... the seventh in two years



By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 6:29 PM on 30th October 2009



Another mystery foot has washed up on the shores of Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Annie Linteau said earlier this week it is the seventh in the last two years.

Linteau says the remains of a right foot were found in a white Nike running shoe Tuesday night along the Fraser River in Richmond, just south of Vancouver.


article-1224151-0100A10D00000578-400_468x308.jpg Vancouver in British Columbia, just north of where the seventh foot washed up on Canada's Pacific coastline


A forensic autopsy has confirmed the remains are human and efforts are being made to identify the person the foot belonged to.

Of the six other feet found in various locations on the B.C. south coast since August 2007, only one has been identified as belonging to a man believed to have committed suicide.

The other feet include a female pair, a male pair and a male right foot.

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