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Hey guys, haven't been on here in awhile, and looking for some opinions....


My friend has a business opportunity that could be worthwhile......but I'm a non-driver because of a disability I have. And so, I'd have to commute via the busses and subways...


It's an (approximately) two and a half hour commute to get to the job site (one way).


It would only be for a couple days a week.


But on the other hand.........I think that spending five hours traveling in a day is f***ing ridiculous.


Your opinions?


Anyone else have any bad commuting experience? haha

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Yea I think so too.........Hey thanks a lo for the opinions guys! :) Very helpful.


Any of you have a horror stories about long commutes? I dunno, going to university for four years......it was an hour and a half both ways........


Sometimes it was good though, because I'd listen to my music......whenever I'd be arriving, I'd have God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols as my "steping off the bus at my destination" theme song....haha Other days it was Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden...


Commuting is good too if you're a writer. Like, you can start your day off with a serious bout of writer's block, then take a ride on the subway and see all sorts of crazy shit that'll spark the imagination. haha

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