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The Alligators and the Antelopes

chuck kottke

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I sense a shift in the force. The dark side is getting stronger again, and we must learn their basic ways, to anticipate their moves:

Originally, the nationalists crafted themselves as expanding herds of moose, the moose being their predominant animal spirit. After much time out to pasture, they have changed spirit-animals from moose to alligator, deciding instead it is better to infest the swamps, and seize others by the neck using stealth tactics, than to openly court alliances in the higher ground above open water.

In response, the liberal animal spirit has taken the form of the wildebeest, and the citizens have generally turned into fast, agile antelope.

And so, the customary behavior of the alligators has begun to shift - antelope and wildebeests, take note!

Normally successful against unwary antelope nearing a waterhole, the old tried and true method of underwater patience and persistence was drawing fewer and fewer antelope to the water's shore, as the wildebeests began to issue alerts of the danger from a higher vantage point, sensing any movements in the water below. Tactics have changed! Today, the alligators are able to morph themselves into pseudo-antelope, march ashore, and appear as peacefully drinking alongside one-another at the watering hole, all the while their cohorts, the "floating logs" of the estuary, pretend to be fallen trees - waiting for the moment to seize a real antelope, or even a wary wildebeest. So more and more antelope have been loosing ground to this new animal, the animal that sells itself as a fellow traveler of the high plains above, all the while waiting for a newcomer to wander into its midst, and be pulled under by its influence to a watery grave below.


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