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$500 Million and an Apology From Goldman

Matter-Eater Lad

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They get the snacks, we get the crumbs back!:laugh3: It a mafia state, and the Don's generally don't give the extortion racket money back quite too easily.

Nick, I figure, with their reputation, they'll probably change names pretty soon. Kind of the way Arthur Anderson did after the ENRON scandal. Come to think of it, what did they become again?? Pretty effective in dodging the bad "branding"!


Oh I get it! Let's see - rip off 16.7 billion (that's the visible part of the ice-berg), give back a few of the ice shavings (.5 Billion), and then say "I'm sorry, and I apologize". All better now!


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Here's an article from Huffington's post on Goldman & their CEO's claim as to be doing "God's work." Funny, I don't recall Jesus taking record profits - do you? But there was that story about turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple though...

Charles Gasparino: Goldman Sachs Doing "God's Work"?

Perhaps it's time for Warren Buffet to take command of Goldman's operation there in the little rust-colored buildings?

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