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Credit Song on CNN Heroes!!


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Fix You was the credit song for the CNN Heroes special last night?!:)


Did anybody hear it? It began on "tears stream down your face" It played at the very end of the show, after Hero of the year was announced. That's an honor, and coldplay is the best band to play at an event like that. Gosh knows theyre my heroes!


just letting you all know:D

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yes i heard it too, i was so happy to hear it being played in such a beautiful ceremony, and they played Lost! too, twice:dance: the part that says "just because i'm losing doesn't mean i'm lost" was played just before they honored the young 19 year old who lost both legs but is helping kids who need prostheses and can't afford then or aren't insured...it was so touching, and then they played parts of it at different bits

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