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No trifling matter: Female councillor's fury over 'sexist and degrading' comment that compared her t


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No trifling matter: Female councillor's fury over 'sexist and degrading' comment that compared her to a pudding



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:04 AM on 04th December 2009




article-1233138-07734B2C000005DC-503_233x339.jpg Councillor Brian Hayley has denied his remark - in which he liked Cllr Laura Edge to a trifle - was sexist



A councillor walked out of a town hall meeting in tears after a colleague compared her to a trifle - saying she was 'lightweight and sweet'.

Lib Dem councillor Laura Edge walked out of the meeting of Haringey Council in London after Labour politico Brian Hayley issued the insult during a debate about bus tickets.

Cllr Hayley, Labour's cabinet member for the environment, accused Cllr Edge of 'not understanding' the debate, telling her: 'I do have to say Cllr Edge, you're a bit like a trifle.

'Very sweet and very lightweight.'


It was a this point that Cllr Edge, a prospective parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, walked out of the meeting 'looking upset'.

Cllr Hayley issed an apology on Monday, but denied his remark was sexist adding: 'I thought it was fair comment for the political arena and I was shocked when she ran out (of the meeting).

'I would have said the same thing to a man. But if I knew what the reaction would be I would never had said it.'


Cllr Edge, however, said she felt the comment was sexist, adding: 'I did feel it was sexist and degrading.

'It was like the meeting had suddenly descended into a children's playground.

'The Labour Party is supposed to be big on equality in the workplace and one would assume that includes politics.

'The implication that you can't possibly know about these matters because you are a woman is insulting.'


The incident took place during a discussion about setting up a one hour all-access £1 bus ticket in the area allowing passengers to travel on several buses for an hour.

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