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James Eve - Singer Songwriter


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Hi Everyone,


My name is James Eve, I am a mssive coldplay fan.... I saw the guys before they were massive supporting OCS in 2000. There songwriting is an inspiration


I am a singer song writer myself, and am heavily influenced by the guys.... I would love everyone to listen to my material and spread the word.


I suppose my two songs that are most coldplay are 'city of angels' and 'on the inside'


You can hear them and download them for free here




Feel free to send the link on! I am also keen to get feedback, so feel free to mail me with any comments (not too harsh :>) at [email protected]





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Better chance of getting a response by posting this in World of Music (If only a slightly better chance).


I listened, you have a good voice, good lyrics and songwriting, but this isnt the kind of music that I listen to so Im not your target market. I can see others liking it though, best of luck.

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