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Coldplay in Belgian paper


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whuut ?! not much profit?! helleu?! coldplay just sold so many copies of maybe their best album, en robbie just came with a new one.


nieuwe muziek niet rendabel?! wat nou?! ze hebben de groostet artiesten die het beste verkopen. stelletje zeikerds, hadden ze dat ene bedrijf maar niet moeten overnemen:dozey:

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I was just wondering...do the Belgians particularly love Coldplay?

I have been in Belgium a couple of weeks ago and I got to listen to Coldplay a lot!ithey were playing The Hardest Part in Brugge's main street, Politik in a pub in Bruxelles, Speed of Sound twice! in the metro station in Bruxelles...I was really surprised, they were not even their latest songs!but a wonderful surpirse, if I may say :D

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Yeah we like coldplay a lot ...

But these times with no new albums you can't hear them much on the radio ..

But on tv commercials you often hear coldplay...

And the day Coldplay came @ Rock Werchter it was sold out immediately ! :D

I don't listen to the radio anymore... It's all pop and new things...

I listen to my mp3 aaall the time :p

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You live in Italy ? cool:P

Never Coldplay on the radio ! wow ! :inquisitive:


I guees they play it on the radio since they're quite popular, but I never hear them :cry: though my mom told me that today she listened to viva la vida at the supermarket (she came home singing it, hehehe)

btw I'm from Italy- Rome to be more exact,

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