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  1. I just saw some of our old convos and it brought back many old memories of being on this website. You wont see this I suppose but I wish you all the best :)

  2. Hey, Coldplayer from 2009 here. Honestly I'd love to give such an elaborate explaination about my time here which peaked in 2010 I think, but I was so young (teenager) and I honestly don't remember that much. I only now just came back to this site after four years after peaking into this in 2013 but the whole layout changed so much I left very fast again. I do remember the whole boat thing/video vividly, but not being from the UK and being to young to travel on my own, it was just somewhat frustrating but still cool with all the 'buzz' going on. Some other random snippet I remember is Coldplay posting a hand-written christmas card on their website and someone discovered handwriting on the back of it by changing the lightning in photoshop, I thought that was crazy haha! We had a thread for the Belgians on the forum that was pretty active and I actually met some people from this site in real life. I'm still facebook friends with 3 of them and we actually still talk once in a while, which I think is amazing considering we met on a website 7 years ago! Coming back to this forum brings many memories back though, and I really loved my time here. I think I left because I was getting more into different bands and I didn't really like the MX style. But everyone was always so friendly here it was awesome. Being a teenager on here at that time seems so much better than being a teenager now going on the internet, I feel there's much more hate now and I'm glad I never experienced this on coldplaying. I also loved the secret santa things they had here and I still have the postcard from someone in Texas! Also they had a thread for the free EP coldplay gave away at their concerts at the time (left-right-left-right-left), and you could talk to someone there and I actually got a spare one from someone who had collected 2 at a concert. That's how friendly everyone was haha :) I actually learned a lot of English through this site as well, I learned speaking and talking English by watching band interviews and british shows without subs, but I think my writing really improved by this forum. I was one of the best in English in high school, this forum might have something to do with it, which I'm very gratefull for as well :) I only got the see Coldplay once in all those years because they keep coming to Belgium at the worst possible dates for me, or for ridiculous prices :/ I'm still a student now so paying more than €100 for a concert is still impossible! Anyway, I don't think I'll stick around this time as well, but I'll keep my profile, maybe in 4 years I'll come back again!
  3. Heyyyyy Na 4 jaar nog eens op deze site! Ik vrees dat er niemand meer overblijft van toen? En er is hier al een jaar niets gepost precies, leeft dit forum eigenlijk nog?
  4. Yes I have, I have a hard relationship with my brother who's driven me nuts many times! :p Have you ever been away from this site for longer than a year? ( 'Cause this is my first post in 4 years, hello coldplaying! :D )
  5. I met the boys from the Vaccines once (except Justin :/ ) :) HYE hated Coldplay ?
  6. neither... not hoping to have a big family and I'll do with a little flat... WYR go working ( a job you really like ) or study first ?
  7. ^nice ! :D Bastille - Things we lost in Fire
  8. Nope, green eyes.... TNP recently fell in love with a new band
  9. The Doctor = Celien right ? :p Cvakes, khaat kerstdag nog steeds :P
  10. vree lang geleden :P alles goed ?
  11. Dag mensen ! Na 2 jaar, eens terugkomen :P
  12. holy shit it's been a long time ago Great to see this thread is still alive :)
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