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  1. Thats what i thought! My german isnt the best but i was almost forced by those yellow jacket security people to give it back. Managed to hide one in my pocket by the way haha. I mean for 110 euros i think i can really take one home haha!
  2. This show was the 7th time i saw then live, and i was really disappointed.. After hours in the pouring rain we couldn't get any closer than the tip of the b stage, because of the bloody golden circle. Wtf coldplay?! I don't think they considered it was a closed roof arena, so after all the pyro during AHFOD, the whole arena was filled with smoke. Couldn't even see the screen any more I was really surprised by LIJ, but it didnt have the same magical feeling as during their VLV tour. Birds was totally off, johnny couldnt keep the rythm, great song, but not for an arena. I don'
  3. I could try that haha, since i'm a dutchie ;) ! That would be so awsome
  4. chlllll

    Coldplay Gift

    i received AHFOD as a present, the MX pop up book & the AROBTTH framed golden record (it's so lovely, but fake, it annoys me as hell, they used a picture from the x&y erao_O)
  5. Ugh, i can't stand it, it's stuck in my head all day.. it's starting to grow on me, but still my skip song, like i have one on every cp album
  6. On the left side of the spread that comes with the LP, there are a lot of old pictures of people. Could this might be the pictures we've send years ago for guy's project? Makes a lot of sense after they talked about his influence on the album artwork in the livestream at the beehive.
  7. arcade fire - here comes the night time
  8. GPASUYF vs the seed 2.0 (the roots & cody chesnutt)
  9. well, at the malieveld concert in 2012, charlie xcx sort of flashed them, but only because she was jumping around in a crop top that was a little bit to short.
  10. i absolutely love the way they filmed it. amazing shots!
  11. i totally forgot the album release party! almost went to sleep:eek: .. sleep is for the weak:cool:
  12. aaaah J! so heartwarming !!! in love with the live solo!
  13. VLV live, always gives me chills. makes me wanna jump and shout along! even though i can't stand the song anymore, because it was played everywhere
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