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Snow way to dress?


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You're not going out dressed like that, are you? Snow joke, they did...



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:59 PM on 11th January 2010




For the majority of us, the colder the weather, the more layers we put on.

But as these pictures show, a surprising number of Britons have chosen to subtract the number of clothes they are wearing in line with the minus temperatures.

From Cardiff to Nottingham, legions of shivering women braved freezing temperatures in little next to nothing on nights out.


Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E830000005DC-658_634x329.jpg Helpless: Apparently oblivious to the cold, a partygoer has fallen asleep on a freezing bed of snow





Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E890000005DC-64_306x493.jpg

Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E8C7000005DC-625_306x493.jpg


Dressed to chill: The thought of wearing a coat clearly never occurred to any of these women on their night out




One unfortunate reveller even ended up lying on a bed of snow, seemingly unaware that her hands were turning blue.







Parts of Britain had more snow today - but falls were less heavy than expected, experts said.


Temperatures rose above freezing in some areas, giving a little respite from the lengthy cold spell.

The slight easing in conditions gave hope of progress in the battle to supply enough grit, power supplies and food, but meanwhile the death toll from weather-related incidents rose to at least 29.


Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E83C000005DC-274_306x569.jpg


The woman on the left flashed a smile as she attempted to walk through the snow in high heels while the partygoer in fancy dress should have taken a leaf out of her friend's book and wrapped up




Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E77B000005DC-141_306x612.jpg

Enlarge article-1242198-07D0E7C9000005DC-685_306x612.jpg


Cool crowd: The perfect outfit for the snow - party shoes and short skirts. A well wrapped-up policewoman looks on amused


Enlarge article-1242198-07CFA7A3000005DC-740_306x509.jpg

Enlarge article-1242198-07CFA376000005DC-163_306x509.jpg


It's a wrap: A reveller covers her head with a scarf while three young women in Newcastle, while struggling with high heels, take shelter under an umbrella



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