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has anyone heard of these....they are from Japan (i think)...and are a REALLY melodic but rhythmical electronic band...(duo i think actually). i highly recommend them to people who like the sound of that... :)

They are pretty percussive, but not just with percussion instruments...with all instruments they use....it's very high quality production on songs too..very clever indeed

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Right, I pretty gutted and I can't now go to the sold out Cornelius gig in London on the 23rd May 2007 and I really am trying to sell my ticket and my brothers ticket..


I'll sell them at face value and with free postage.

I'd set up an eBay auction so that anyone who shows interest can buy it through there....just so the buyer is more covered.


Anyway...nobody here will probably want them as I'm the only respondant to this thread in almost 4 years....funny enough it was in fact my brother who created this thread all that time ago...(24-09-2003 :shocked2: )


Anyway....I'm sad that I'm not going anymore because it was going to be amazing. He hardly ever plays live.....let alone in the UK.



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but cornelius is really only one guy and he's backed by three others on guitars, electronics, and drums.


Yes, I know - and Gas_Man knows too.....I guess since he started this thread so long ago he didn't know much about him then.


Keigo Oyamada is a genius. But I'm going to miss out this time.

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